Our Founder

Dr Luc Hoffmann (1923-2016) was a lifelong passionate naturalist, a visionary, philanthropist, scientist, humanist, and friend.

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MAVA's strategy 2016-2022

Since 1994, MAVA has played a transformational role in driving forward innovative conservation across the Mediterreanean, West Africa, the Alps and beyond. Today, our commitment to biodiversity conservation, the sustainable use of natural resources, and vibrant conservation communities remains as strong as ever.

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16/08/17 – The devil ray’s future is in the details: Gaza research aims to protect the endangered devil ray

Mobula mobular is listed as an ‘Endangered’ species in IUCN’s Red List and is protected under several other Mediterranean-wide conventions, most countries refrain from catching this species. Because of their protected status, low commercial value and highly elusive nature, very…
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